STuL is a conceptual design project that deals with a scenario of a wood furniture manufacturer that is able to offer a wide range of products with a uniform stock, as a new way to connect traditional industrial manufacturing methods with customization, local 3d printing and manufacturing.

The consumers manipulate the products as they order it online and the manufacturer ships the relevant (pre-manufactured) parts, and delivers parametrically designed joints that will bound the pieces to the desired product. The consumer can either print the joints at home or at a local makers-hub.

Geometric locking between the wooden parts and the 3d printed parts is utilized to define the relations (angle and distance) between the wooden parts. This solution takes a more analog / continuous approach as apposed to the more common digital / discrete approach for customization, and by that allow infinite theoretical relations between the wooden parts.

The project was created as part of Wood Technologies class in the department of Industrial Design Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in collaborations with Erez Levanon.

From the making process:

From the parametric process: